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What people have said:

"Paul's dedicated service to the Local Government sector in Tasmania has been widespread and admired for many years and was recognised in 2017 with the awarding of Life Membership of the Local Government Association of Tasmania.

The Waratah/Wynyard, Kingborough and Devonport Councils have all benefited enormously from his leadership."  

Mark Shelton Minister for Local Government, 
The Advocate Newspaper, October 2019

Paul leads one of Tasmania’s largest metro councils and is among the States – and Australia’s - most respected GM’s.

His management style is direct and fearless – he is the master of constructive criticism. A former LGMA National President, he rose brilliantly to the demands of a complex role, becoming a unifier and a galvaniser, an advocate, a counsellor and a supporter, at a time when the organisation was gearing up for significant change"  

Local Government Australia Magazine,

"Mr West is among the most respected professionals in local government in Tasmania and is recognised throughout Australia for his achievements during his career.

Since arriving at Devonport, he has faced all the same challenges as other general managers but has also been charged with delivering the Living City project. It is a once-in-a-lifetime type project for a place like Devonport. And by most measures Mr West has delivered, and then some." 

The Advocate Newspaper Editorial,
October 16 2019

“I would like to thank you Andrew on behalf of the Councillors and myself for the effort and work that you have put in over the last number of years. Your integrity has certainly been outstanding, and I think it was one of the things that I originally said to you when you became General Manager. You are hard working. Your administrative skills are second to none.

We would like to thank you very much for the efforts you have taken over a long career. Your networking skills as well across the state have certainly held you in good stead particularly with large bodies and national bodies that you have been on is truly a testament to your skills as a General Manager. I think the respect that you have from your staff and senior management team is a credit to you.

On behalf of the community, Councillors and staff, I would like to thank you for your efforts. Thank you very much.”

Mayor Steve Kons
Burnie City Council 
Statement to council July 2020

LGAT chief executive Katrena Stephenson said she was "thrilled" to award Mr Wardlaw life membership in 2018.

"In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Tasmanian Local Government sector"

"Andrew has a strong work ethic but finds time to share what he has learned, providing mentoring, support and advice to his staff and others," she said.

"Further, Andrew has worked incredibly collegially, supporting LGAT and other general managers. He is well liked, and we hope he continues to contribute to the sector, albeit in a different way." 

The Advocate Newspaper Editorial
31st July 2020.





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